About Us

Our Beginning

Felicity's Handcrafted Soaps started with my neighbor, Anna. She said "I learned how to make soap! Do you want to make some soap?" (Anna, I am paraphrasing-it's been a good 15 years!)

Back then, it was cup measures, makeshift plastic molds and lots of experimenting. I had some great results and some very interesting results.

Our process has gotten much more precise, with scales, soap calculators and custom made molds, but making soap is still both an art, a science, and a joy!

Our Soaps

Felicity's Handcrafted Soaps are made in small batches with pure coconut milk for its emollient properties and scented with essential oils.  Our all-natural ingredients include food-quality oils, organic clays and botanicals. The resulting product is mild and gentle with a good, sudsy lather.  It appeals to people who are interested in healthy living, natural products and buying locally.  Plus it looks beautiful in your soap dish and smells great!

We have soaps for all skin-types and skin problems.  Our clay bars draw out toxins and impurities, remove dead skin, and improve skin texture.  Our salt bars are soothing and refreshing, leaving skin smooth and polished.

Felicity's Specialty Bars for babies, gardeners, and that special doggy in your life are made with the same care and love that go into making the rest of our beautiful soaps!